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All about NIT Agartala

NIT Agartala is a very decent college located in Tripura. When I was first allotted there through CCB after my AIEEE (now JEE Mains), I was really worried about the place. I along with my parents was having mixed feeling about that place. Then after discussing with some of my relatives who were in Guwahati we finally agreed on joining NIT Agartala. So finally we booked our tickets and arrived Agartala in early June 2012. Agartala town is a small but very nice city less crowd less polluted and very less traffic compared to other capital cities in north India.  We took an auto for NIT Agartala which is around 30Kms from the airport. The journey from Agartala city to NIT Agartala is really awesome roads are surrounded by lush green trees and mostly paddy fields. It takes around 45mins to reach there. College is located in a village called Jirania when we entered this village I was really disappointed that I will have to stay here in this village for the next 4 years. But suddenly s

First public post

Hey guys This is my first post, here after in this blog I will keep posting about some random stuff going around like travel, books, techs and all. Stay updated.