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Breaking a monolithic architecture based application into various microservices and creating an installer to start all the services

Hello guys, in this post I will explain how you can break your monolithic architecture based application into different services and also I will show how you can start all the components by taking care of their dependencies. This will be a basic guide only as your application might be having some more dependencies. But I will make sure this post will give you at least some basic idea about how you can proceed. Before we dive into this let's have some idea about what is monolithic architecture and discuss some of its pros and cons. In Monolithic architecture, all the components of the application are tightly coupled together. In this type of architecture, all the components are interconnected and dependent on each other. Even a small change in any one particular component might need rewriting the entire application as they are tightly coupled together. But on the good side applications based on this architecture are easy to develop, test and debug. Lets us take an example of a

How to Dockerize an application and push it to dockerhub

Hey guys in this post I will explain you how to Dockerize your application, and also push it to the dockerhub. In the recent years, docker has managed to grow pretty well and now a lot of people and organizations are getting inclined to it. The main reason for its ever growing popularity is the environment docker containers offer. Inside a docker container all the dependencies of your app can be made available and these dependencies will be independent of the host environment on which you are running the container. And the best thing is you can easily share these containers with others and they will be able to run it in their own environment without any compatibility issues. Just think of the scenario that you made an application which is having many dependencies say git, npm etc. and in order to build this in your development environment without using docker, you must have installed these dependencies on your machine. Now you build your app and want to share this with somebody