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How to use s3 bucket with node.js

Hello guys, in this tutorial I will show you how we can use amazon s3 bucket with nodejs to store your files and fetch them whenever required. Before we start let me explain what exactly is s3 Bucket. Basically, amazon s3 is a cloud storage where you can store your data (pictures, videos, documents etc). S3 buckets are very simple to configure and have high availability and high security which makes it very popular. In s3 buckets you can easily do some important stuff like restricting access to some users, scaling as much as you want and also automatically determining the life of the items which are getting stored. Now, in order to use s3 bucket to store data you first need to create a bucket and for this, you need an AWS account. You can follow my previous post for creating a new AWS account if you need any help. You can have a maximum of 100 buckets linked to each of your AWS accounts. In order to create a bucket, you need to provide a name for your bucket and AWS region whe