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Using ansible for deploying applications to aws cloud

Hello guys, in one of my previous post I have explained how can you deploy your simple application to AWS. In that post, we have created an AWS cloud account and then ran an ec2 instance manually using the AWS console UI and then by doing ssh into the machine from our local, we were able to deploy our application to the AWS. But this is not always a best practice to follow. This will be best if we could do this just by running some script once.  Actually, there are a couple of services which actually does the same thing for us and makes our life much easier. Ansible is one of such service which we can use to create & configure AWS. In this post, I will explain how we can use ansible to start an ec2 instance and then deploy our application in that instance and finally terminating the instance when we are done. Now before we can proceed first we need to know some basic things about Ansible. It is open source automation platform. It is very simple, efficient and powerful. Ever